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All of our cattle are vaccinated with the bare essential medicine to promote a healthy herd and prevent disease. Our Cattle are supplemented with natural nutrient blocks,  

This small family owned cattle ranch has been in operation since the early 80's. We pride ourselves in the local farming and ranching and believe in the pure food industry eliminating the mass sale.


Our Cattle breed

Our grass fed cattle are rotated between three different pastures to promote rotational grazing on over a thousand acres. This stimulates a natural environment for grazing an minimizes the impacts to perennial grasses. Our cattle are part of our life and are seen as a vital resource to sustain the ranch eco system. We use no grains, no added hormones, antibiotics or animal by products on our cattle. Current veterinary and animal practice guidelines are followed to ensure cattle are well cared for and humanely treated. Our beef comes to you USDA certified.  

From Our Ranch to Your family

It’s important to know what you are eating. Our ranch promotes free range cattle and a stress free life. Our mission is to open our ranch to your family and offer a single point of service for your beef needs. We don't believe in the large cattle production, we safe guard a small operation where we focus on quality not quantity. We look forward to raising cattle for you.  

A New Generation of healthy meat

Our concept is simple: pick your desired beef order, delivery or pick up options are available. Fresh beef for your family. Its thats easy. Go to Order info for breakdown.   

Our beef are free range cattle raised in the heart of Central California. Enter here for live cattle purchase only.   

Our Beef

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  • Black Angus 
  • New Zealand Black Angus

Rocking G Ranch

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25 lbs Box of assorted cuts $275 a box ready February 2016.