Rocking G Ranch

About us

We are a family owned and operated Ranch. We have a small cattle operation and are proud to be one of the few remaining cattle operations in California. The owner, Rebecca Gowing and her Son Lon Beard and family have successfully run the cattle operation since the early 80's. Our cattle are free range cattle and are fed on over 1000 acres. The cattle herd can range from 40 animals to over 100 depending on rain and feed growth. We vaccinate minimum requirements to maintain herd health and prevent disease. Our cattle are supplemented with natural mineral blocks to maintain plentiful vitamins for the herd. Our cattle are watered by well water, natural springs, and ponds. Our cattle are ear tagged for tracking, branded, and are bred by registered black angus bulls. Black angus are the premier selected beef for their remarkable ability to marble in a natural free range environment. 


Natrual Mineral blocks

Current veterinary and animal practice guidelines are followed to ensure a healthy cattle herd.

No grains, hormones, steroids or animal by-products are used on our cattle.  ​

 Ranch News

Welcome our New Zealand Black Angus Bull from Fair Oaks Ranch "Gamble". Truly a beautiful Bull. Thank you Coco. 

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Place your order now for Feb 2016!!

With Rain comes more plentiful feed for our animals, lets hope this winter can put a dent in our drought!  


Find local butchers

Once you have chosen your beef, Rocking G Ranch will organize processing of beef if requested. Customers can arrange their own processing and shipping if desired. Listed below are following butchers in area:

Arroyo Grande Meat Company


J&R Natural Meat (Ranch Preferred)


Creston Valley Meats